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The Great Giveaway - Enter to Win a YEAR's Worth of Product

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By subscribing to our email newsletter, you've been entered to win a year's worth of your favorite product - NO purchase necessary. 

Every three months we'll randomly select up to six individuals to receive a year's worth of their favorite product auto shipped every 3 months.

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For a full list of rules and eligibility see below:

How it Works

1. Customers submit valid information and are entered into our giveaway.

2. Every three months, starting March 30th, up to 6 winners are selected based on the # of entries.

3. Winners are notified and have 30 days to collect.

4. Winners select their product of choice and are given a 3-month supply every three months.

Rules & Eligibility

1) Entrants must subscribe entering their real name, phone number, & email address so we can alert winners when winners are pulled.

2) Customers must remain subscribed to win.

3) No purchase is necessary to enter.

4) Smaller prizes awarded randomly include [2] 3 month packages & [1] six month package of winners favorite product.

5) One winner is selected for every 500 entrants up to 6 winners upon time of drawing. Winners will be selected March 30th, June 30th, September 30th, and December 31st.


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