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Posted on December 19, 2018


It's no secret that moringa oleifera is by far one of the most nutritious & healthiest foods we humans can consume. While capsules & powders are fantastic, an underrated way to consume moringa oleifera is in tea form.

Here at Simple Life Nutrition, our organic moringa tea is one of our best sellers and rightfully so, it is absolutely delicious and is loaded with benefits. If you are already a moringa tea drinker, then our hats are off to you. If you aren't though, here's why you SHOULD start drinking morninga tea:

Reason #1 - Moringa tea is a stimulant-free energy booster

Coffee may be the world's most popular energy-boosting drink, but tea is quickly catching up. Moringa tea in particular, is especially growing in popularity because it provides a stimulant-free boost.

While many people feel they need the caffeine in their coffee to "wake up" and clear brain fog, you may find that just one cup of moringa can do so even more effectively without all the caffeine. 

Reason #2 - Moringa has powerful anti-inflammatory properties

Most people experience their most severe pain and inflammation when they first wake up and right before they go to bed. The anti-inflammatory properties of moringa oleifera are already well known and although other types of tea have anti-inflammatory properties, moringa tea reigns supreme.

The National Institutes of Health created a measurement called oxygen radical absorbance capacity, or ORAC. This measurement measures the antioxidant capacity of individual foods. Here's the ORAC measurement for moringa compared to several other popular foods:

Moringa Oleifera 157,000 ORAC
Acai 102,700 ORAC
Dark Chocolate 20,800 ORAC
Blueberries 4,669 ORAC
Broccoli 1,510 ORAC
Green Tea 1,240 ORAC

As you can see, moringa oleifera has a significantly higher ORAC measurement than several popular foods. If you're someone who suffers from inflammation, then moringa can be a godsend. 

Reason #3 - Moringa is perfect to wind down the day

Moringa tea is unique in that while it can provide sustained energy throughout the day, it is also both soothing and calming. This makes moringa tea both the perfect morning and nighttime drink. 

You can start your day off right with an energy-boosting cup of moringa tea, then end your night with a cup of soothing tea before bed. 

Reason #4 - It's delicious!

We may be a little bias here, but we find moringa tea to be absolutely delicious. Our pomegranate-flavored moringa tea is by far the most popular, but both the original and lemon flavored teas are still fan favorites. 

Any tea drinker will enjoy the taste of moringa oleifera tea, and even if you aren't a traditional tea drinker, chances are there's a flavor you'll enjoy.