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How to Find the Best Moringa Capsules

With a lack of regulation amongst government agencies, finding safe & effective supplements may seem like a tough task. Having some common sense and knowing what to spot is vital when searching for a supplement.

Finding quality moringa oleifera capsules are no different If you're in the market for moringa capsules, here's what you should look for:

1) The powder inside the capsules should be dark green

Many companies, like us here at Simple Life Nutrition, actually take the time to show off what their capsules look like. Any moringa powder you buy should be dark green in color, NOT light green or brownish.

Dark green powder will indicate the moringa powder inside the capsules was dried in a way to preserve the nutrients to maintain its' quality. Brownish colored powder or light green powder indicates a low quality powder lacking in nutrients.

2) Look for certified organic moringa powder

Organic moringa powder is normally of a higher quality and if certified, it will ensure no harmful pesticides or other chemicals were used during the growing & manufacturing process.

Non-certified organic moringa powder capsules could be of poorer quality & may not contain chemicals harmful to your health.

3) Inspect the label to make sure the only ingredient is organic moringa leaf powder

The only ingredient in a moringa capsule should be organic moringa leaf powder. Anything else is unneeded and diminishes the quality of the product. In some cases, fillers added to the product may actually be harmful.

4) Avoid unexplainably cheap products

Everybody likes to find products at the cheapest price, but in the supplement this world, this is a double-edged sword (or at least it can be). 

Typically speaking, if a product is a very cheap price, it often means the product is just that - cheap. Manufacturing supplements is not a cheap process, especially when products are routinely inspected for quality and safety. If you're buying cheap moringa capsules, chances are you're buying lower quality product.

5) Know the company you are buying from

Before you purchase moringa capsules online or in store, make sure you know who you're buying from. Look for a real address, social media accounts, and at least one method of contact to ensure you know who you're doing business with before you buy anything.

Bottom Line: A few minutes of your time and some common sense can help you find a quality source of moringa capsules that is both safe & effective.

Top Quality Organic Moringa Capsules from Simple Life Nutrition

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