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Posted on February 18, 2020

Feeling fatigued on a daily basis is one of the most common health issues adults have to deal with, next to diabetes and high blood pressure.

You've probably felt it before. The clock hits 1-2pm and suddenly you feel exhausted; you can't focus and you're struggling to accomplish anything.

You're certainly not alone. Almost everybody experiences fatigue at some point, but when it becomes a daily occurrence, there's likely a larger issue at hand that requires medical attention.

Caffeine is NOT the answer to fight fatigue

For daily fatigue though, any drink with caffeine is often the preferred choice to combat fatigue. While it may work at first, caffeine has a nasty feeling as it wears off - you know, that "crash."

While some caffeine isn't necessarily bad, relying on caffeine to fight fatigue can quickly lead to caffeine addiction - a rapidly growing problem.

Instead of relying on an entire pot of coffee to fight fatigue, let us introduce a better solution - moringa.

How Moringa Fights Fatigue

Moringa is an effective at fighting fatigue mostly thanks to its' high iron and vitamin A content.

Believe it or not, low iron levels are one of the most common causes of fatigue. Your body needs iron to create hemoglobin, a protein that enables red blood cells to carry oxygen to your organs. Without iron, oxygen delivery slows and you begin to feel fatigued.

Thankfully, moringa is an excellent source of iron. It's not quite as high as say beef, but moringa is one of the most iron-rich greens available. In fact, moringa contains upwards of 5x the amount of iron found in spinach per gram. 

In addition, moringa is an excellent source of vitamin A, an essential vitamin required for your body to absorb iron.

Moringa May Improve Endurance Too

Although human studies are only currently in progress, researchers believe moringa may help improve endurance.

In an animal study, rats given moringa extract significantly performed better than the control group. Endurance in the moringa group improved upwards of 30% in rats given the highest dose.

Although still not certain, researchers hope to find a direct link with moringa and endurance in human studies currently in progress.


If you're constantly feeling tired, fatigued, and worn out, then adding moringa may be way you can help fight it. Proper sleep, a healthy diet, and some exercise can also help as well.

If you think adding moringa might be a good idea, then we recommend you consider drinking some moringa tea.