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Posted on February 07, 2018

Obesity - arguably the biggest global health issue we face in today's world. In countries like the US, Canada, and Australia, the obesity rate continues to climb despite the fact that adults are well-informed of the dangers of obesity. Obesity is both a mental and physical problem, and although there is plenty of information about weight loss, many people still seek an easy, hands-free solution to their weight problems in the form of supplements. 

Head to any store and you can find dozens of weight loss products. Garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, CLA, capsaicin are just a few. One surprising name on the list is moringa oleifera. Although not originally intended as a weight loss product, some companies now advertising it as such. Before you go spending your hard earned cash expecting a miracle, you need to know the truth about moringa & weight loss.

Moringa & Weight Loss - Not Necessarily As Advertised

While moringa has been used by millions of people for decades, it has only recently entered the mainstream marketplaces. Unfortunately, this is partly due to some unscrupulous companies, who have marketed moringa as a weight loss miracle.

Truth be told, there is no known miracle solution to losing weight, and if there is one out there, it certainly isn't moringa. Moringa is NOT going to help you "lose 30 pounds in just 4 weeks" or "slim your waist by 4 sizes in 6 weeks."

If you see a company advertising their moringa oleifera product as such, then you're much better off searching for a different company to send your business.

Moringa - Not a Miracle Weight Loss Supplement, But......

If your dreams have been dashed after finding out moringa is not a miracle weight loss supplement, then we're sincerely sorry. However, the good news is that there is substantial data that it may help to at least support weight loss and may accelerate the process at least a little bit.

Human studies are still lacking, but a few are currently in progress. So while the exact effects of moringa oleifera & weight loss are not 100% certain, there's good information that suggests it may help give you a slight boost.

Other Ways Moringa Helps

Moringa may not be the super-powerful weight loss miracle you were hoping it would be. However, it can help support your weight loss journey & help improve your health in other ways, namely:

  • By supplying your body with essential vitamins & minerals: Moringa contains over 72 different vitamins & minerals, all of which are essential to your health. These vitamins help to regulate your hormones (including the ones that control your metabolism) which may help keep your metabolism at a healthy state.
  • By keeping you full: Moringa leaves are rich in fiber, keeping you satiated in between meals. Avoiding snacking is a major hurdle for many overweight adults, so chowing down on some moringa leaves in a salad or adding moringa powder to a shake can keep you full to prevent overeating.
  •  By lowering your blood sugar: Studies such as this one have shown that moringa can significantly reduce blood sugar levels, sometimes as much as 21%. High blood sugar level has been linked to diabetes and a number of other health issues, and high blood sugar can significantly impair one's ability to lose weight.


How to Use Moringa for Weight Loss

If you're overweight and looking to get slimmer and healthier, then moringa is a solid choice of supplement to pick. It's loaded with vitamins, has a number of documented benefits, and can help put your body in the right position to get healthy.

It may not help you lose weight overnight as some would suggest, but the human evidence doesn't lie. We recommend adding moringa capsules to your diet for the best results, but moringa powder or leaves are a solid choice too.