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Posted on May 15, 2024

What Does Moringa Taste Like? 

Good question. In fact, it's one of the most common quests we are asked about by prospective customers who want to try moringa to experience the numerous health benefits.

We've already discussed the importance of buying quality moringa products in relation to both your health, wallet, and now the taste too.

So let's discuss what moringa powder should taste like

What Moringa SHOULD Taste Like?

Ask almost any person that uses moringa powder on a daily basis and they'll tell you moringa will remind you of many familiar greens to you. Kale and spinach are two common comparisons although the taste obviously varies somewhat.

Moringa powder should be bold, earthy, and bitter. You should almost imagine it tasting like a pile of freshly cut grass.

The taste can admittedly be difficult to swallow at first, but if you get creative with some unique smoothie recipes, you can find moringa to taste be no more bitter than other more popular greens.

What Moringa SHOULDN'T Taste Like

A dead giveaway of poor quality moringa is any powder that has any sweetness to it. Moringa is a bitter-tasting green - it is NOT sweet.

If your moringa tastes sweet then you likely bought from a company that added sweetener to the powder, which means you paid for a product that is 100% less than pure.

In addition, companies also try to make the taste of moringa seem better than it is to avoid scaring people off. 

You shouldn't fear trying moringa - it's just like any other green. If you cannot stand the taste, you're better off ordering moringa capsules. This avoids the bitterness completely.

Final Thoughts

If you're buying moringa, you should be looking for vibrant green powder that tastes bitter. You may even have a slight burning sensation in your nostrils. 

This is a sign of good quality moringa powder and you should feel comfort knowing you got a solid product.

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