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Posted on May 15, 2024

It's no secret that moringa is one of the most beneficial supplements for overall health and wellbeing. The incredible health benefits of moringa are well documented and the fastest growing way to consume moringa is by far moringa tea.

Delicious and beneficial, moringa tea is the perfect way to consume moringa on the go, at work, or while reading a book at home. There's really never a bad time to drink it.

However, with hundreds of companies selling moringa tea nowadays, you have to wonder to yourself - how can I buy the best moringa tea?

Recently, we outlined how you can buy the best moringa capsules, and today, we'll tell you the exact steps to buy the best moringa tea:

Step 1: Look for Certified Organic Moringa Leaves

Moringa tea should contain organic moringa leaves - not extract. Extract is ground up moringa leaves and can't be brewed into a tea all that well.

In addition, look for certified organic moringa leaf. This is typically a sign the moringa you are buying is of a higher quality.

Step 2: Skip the cheap stuff

It's completely natural that consumers inherently lean towards a product that is cheaper in price compared to a more expensive product at first glance. However, be warned, this is often a poor choice.

Products that are cheap in price are often cheap for a reason. They often use poor quality ingredients, don't go through rigorous testing, may include fillers, or may be significantly underused. 

In fact, an investigation conducted by the NY Attorney General found that only 21% of the supplements tested in GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, & Target had the same dosage and ingredients as their label.

The reason companies do this is to keep the price down to increase sales, which is why cheap is NOT better in the supplement world.

Step 3: Research Your Company

This is pretty simple - know who you're buying from. Do the company have a real address? Are they on social media? Can you find an email or phone number? Do they offer a money back guarantee?

Take a minute or two to know who you're buying from and you can sleep a lot better at night knowing you're buying from the right people?

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