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Posted on October 08, 2019

Are you looking for a natural, chemical-free way to improve your skin health? If so, look no further. 

While moringa is primarily known as a nutritional supplement to help improve blood pressure or to help control blood pressure, it possesses some truly remarkable skin benefits as well.

Moringa Skin Benefits

Much of the benefits of moringa can be traced to its' high concentration of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In addition, special phytonutrients found in higher concentrations than other "superfoods" help make moringa one of the most beneficial supplements for your skin.

So what are the skin benefits of moringa?

1) Moringa has anti-aging benefits 

Antioxidants like vitamin A, B, & C found in moringa leaf extract helps to revitalize and rejuvenate skin to appear and feel youthful.

In one study, a skin cream using moringa as the main ingredient helped "significantly enhanced skin hydration and elasticity" while also supporting the production of collagen - a key protein to keep skin healthy and youthful.

In another study from researchers at Rutgers University, a moringa-based cream effectively protected skin from environmental stressors like UV radiation, which significantly contribute to the aging process.

2) Moringa is a natural moisturizer

Fatty acids like stearic, linoleum, linolenic, and oleic acid found in moringa oil can help to moisturize and heal even the most damaged skin when applied topically.

Using a moringa-based face scrub or moringa oil can help keep your skin healthy, moisturized, and looking its' best.

3) Moringa may help to eliminate acne

Moringa naturally helps to reduce inflammation and its' anti-microbial properties have been well documented. A study from India found that moringa's natural anti-microbial properties may help to eliminate boils, acne, blackheads, and other similar skin conditions.

While moringa oil is the most effective moringa-based product used to help combat acne, moringa tea or capsules can be effective as well.

4) Moringa may help speed up the wound healing process

New research suggests that moringa may help to significantly speed up the wound healing process.

In this study, researchers suggested that moringa can help to promote wound healing "by promoting fibroblast proliferation and migration through increasing the wound closure rate corroborating its traditional use."

If you're someone susceptible to bruising, moringa may be an invaluable supplement.