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Posted on January 08, 2020

We recently discussed the three types of maca (red, yellow, & black) and their special and unique health benefits. However, if you've been researching maca products, then chances are you've stumbled upon a different type of maca known as "gelatinized maca."

This special version of maca is unique unlike any other type of maca and may be the best type of maca. Let's explore what gelatinized maca is and why is it so beneficial.

What is Gelatinized Maca?

Gelatinized maca is a unique type of maca (normally made from yellow maca) that undergoes a special process called "gelatinization."

During gelatinization, maca root is placed in an oven, where gentle heat and pressure slowly bring out and remove starches. This leaves a highly concentrated form of maca that is both more nutritious and easily digestible.

In addition, the heat eliminates any bacteria or pathogens from the maca root, making it completely safe for human consumption.

Health Benefits of Gelatinized Maca

Typically speaking, gelatinized maca comes from yellow maca root because it is the most common type of maca. It can help to boost energy levels and improve endurance without the jittery side effects of other energy boosts like caffeine.

As an adaptogenic root, gelatinized maca may help to control anxiety issues, to reduce stress, and to balance the endocrine system to support healthy hormone levels.

Is Gelatinized Maca Safe?

Maca itself has a GRAS status with the FDA, which means the FDA considers it to be "generally recognized as safe."

 However, as we mentioned, the gelatinization process forces maca to be heated in order to remove the starches. This effectively kills any pathogens or bacteria that may be still left on the maca root.

In addition, finding a safe gelatinized maca product requires a few, easy steps. Buying organic products manufactured in the USA can ensure your safety due to higher manufacturing standards. Avoid cheap products that contain anything but gelatinized maca to prevent fillers or additives from potentially harming your health.

Overall, gelatinized maca is VERY safe and has no common adverse effects on your health. Consult your doctor if you are unsure whether it may be right for you.

Gelatinized Maca vs. Other Forms of Maca

 Gelatinized maca has three main advantages over other forms of maca, which is why its' quickly becoming the most popular way to consume maca. These advantages include:

  • It has a higher concentration of essential nutrients: The gelatinization process causes starches to unchain leaving behind a densely concentrated form of maca that is packed with nutrients.
  • Your body can digest it better: Studies have shown gelatinization improves the body's ability to digest nutrients making this form of maca much more effective in improving your health & overall wellness.
  • Pathogens & Bacteria are killed instantly: As we previously mentioned, heat during the gelatinization process kills bacteria & pathogens, creating a safer, more effective product.

Where to Buy Gelatinized Maca?

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