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Posted on March 08, 2019

Although still not as popular as kale or spirulina, moringa is rapidly gaining popularity across grocery stores throughout the United States. While most of the population has only heard of moringa for the first time within the past few years, moringa has been consumed for thousands of years.

This leafy green is loaded with nutrients and can revitalize your body and mind. If you're not sure why you should try moringa - or aren't sure if it's right for you, then here are seven reasons you should consume moringa every day.

#1 - Moringa is More Nutrient Dense than Kale

Kale's been the hottest leafy green for the past few years, and while kale IS very nutritious and beneficial, it doesn't quite compare to moringa.

When kale and moringa are compared side by side, you'll quickly see moringa has 2x the protein, 4x the calcium, and 6x the iron found in kale.

In addition, moringa also contains several phyto-nutrients like polyphenols and isothiocyanates, which have been shown to reduce the risk for heart disease & cancer in various studies.

#2 - The Perfect Solution for Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Roughly 3.5 million Americans suffer from iron-deficiency anemia, which occurs when the body cannot produce enough healthy blood cells to transport oxygen to the organs in the body.

Recent studies have shown that moringa may actually be more effective than traditional iron supplements to reduce iron-deficiency anemia.

#3 - Studies Indicate Moringa May Help Prevent & Control Diabetes

Diabetes-related deaths are the 7th leading cause of death in the United States - and the number continues to grow rapidly. Numerous studies have found that moringa can effectively control blood sugar levels & may help increase glucose tolerance.

 #4 - Moringa is Heart Healthy

Heart disease is arguably the most significant health crisis facing the United States, in part to poor diet & lifestyle habits. Protecting your heart is essential to your health, and moringa has exactly what your heart needs.

Anti-oxidant compounds help eliminate free radicals that damage your veins and arteries. These antioxidants also help reduce cholesterol & inflammation to maintain healthy circulation.

Moringa is also a rich source of fiber, a compound that promotes healthy bowel movements, helps lower cholesterol, and may even reduce your risk of stroke.

Just one teaspoon of our premium organic moringa powder can provide you with around 10% of your daily recommended amount of fiber.

#5 - Moringa Reduces Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is widespread in adults and it can reach a point where the pain and swelling severely impacts one's life. 

Moringa is one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory products with over 40 antioxidants and two dozen other anti-inflammatory compounds. In fact, compared to green tea, moringa possesses upwards of 10x the anti-inflammatory compounds. 

Direct antioxidants, such as polyphenols found in moringa and other fruits and vegetables, break down and eliminate free radicals to prevent oxidative stress and ultimately damage to your organs. 

This is why we recommend our organic moringa capsules to those suffering from joint pain, arthritis, and other types of chronic inflammation.

#6 - Moringa Is an Excellent Source of Protein

Protein is made up of amino acids, some of which your body can produce naturally, and nine "essential" amino acids you need to consume in your diet.

Moringa contains all nine essential amino acids, and in total, protein content is around 26% for moringa.

The “quality” of dietary protein is best measured by the Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS). This measurement factors in a compounds' essential amino acid content as well as its' digestibility. Moringa has the highest ranking of 1 on the PDCAAS scale of 0-1.

#7 - Moringa is Very Versatile

Consuming your greens can be difficult if you're a picky eater, or are sensitive to the earthy taste associated with common greens. Thankfully, moringa is plenty versatile enough so that you can find any way to eat (or drink) it every day.

If you want the easiest way, just take a couple capsules a day. If you're a tea person, our moringa tea is the perfect drink to boost your energy levels, mood, and immunity.

Otherwise, you sprinkle our premium organic moringa powder on soups, toast, and oatmeal, or make a green smoothie to reap all the many benefits of moringa.

If you'd like to try out moringa products, browse our available different moringa products.